Husqvarna Chain saws for sale Ireland - SALE NOW ON

Husqvarna chain saws for sale in Ireland from AM Rentals. This great range of Husqvarna chainsaws for sale needs no introduction. Husqvarna have been producing quality products since the company's inception over 350 years ago. They have been pioneering chainsaw development for over 60 years and have become a world leading brand. The Husqvarna chain saw range for sale in Ireland includes saws suitable for home owners right up to professional models for arborists and loggers.

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Stihl Chain saws for sale Ireland - SALE NOW ON

Stihl chainsaws for sale in Ireland from AM Rentals, Newry. Stihl are one of the most popular brands of petrol chainsaws we sell from our shop in Newry, Northern Ireland. Our customers keep going back to the brand due to their excellent build quality and the long life of their chainsaws. Our Stihl range of chain saws covers homeowners wanting a small saw for firewood right up to professional users felling large trees and every user in between. Stihl class their chainsaws into 3 different categories: Home Owner, farm use and professional use. The Stihl MS170 would be the best seller for domestic users looking to cut small firewood and sticks. The MS231 is a very popular 'middle of the road' saw, capable of intensive use when needed. The MS391 is the biggest seller with farmers who need a big, powerful chainsaw and the MS261 and MS362 are the big sellers with our professional users.

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Stihl Chainsaws for professional use

Oleo Mac Northern Ireland

Oleo Mac Chain saws for sale Ireland

Oleo Mac are an Italian brand of garden machinery with a reputation for making class leading chainsaws at great prices. Over the years Oleo Mac chainsaws have been a favourite of Irish farmers and forestry workers who need a dependable, powerful saw for clearing. With the introduction of their smaller chain saws they have become increasingly popular with homeowners, who need a smaller saw for around the garden or cutting fire wood. We can deliver your brand new Oleo Mac chainsaw to anywhere in Ireland for just £10 extra. Call us today to order yours.

Chain saws delivered all over Ireland for just £10

Battery chainsaws for sale Ireland

We supply a range of battery powered cordless chain saws from the world's largest manufacturers. We supply the range of Husqvarna cordless chainsaws and the Stihl battery chain saw range. As well as Husqvarna and Stihl we also supply Ego chainsaws to customers all over Ireland, as well as the 18 inch Snapper battery powered chainsaw - made by Briggs and Stratton. Delivery to anywhere in Ireland on most battery chainsaws is just £10.