Husqvarna Automowers for sale Ireland

Husqvarna are the recognised industry leader in robotic lawnmowers. They have been pioneering development in robotic lawn mowers since 1995. Over the years Husqvarna have developed an excellent range of intelligent, robust robotic lawnmowers perfectly suited to UK and Ireland gardens. Their range features mowers suitable for lawns from 600m2 up to 5000m2. In 2019 Husqvarna kept their pioneering spirit going when they introduced the world's first all wheel drive Automower - the 435X AWD. This has brought the possibility of robotic mowing to a whole new world of hilly gardens. The 435X AWD can cut gardens with slopes of up to 35 degrees. The Husqvarna Automower range can be split into two categories, X-line and standard. The X-Line models, 315X, 430X, 450X and 435X AWD are fitted with GPS tracker and mapping technology. This allows you to pair your mower with your phone and control it's functions from anywhere in the world. The GPS tracker also allows your mower to map and learn your garden, making the automower more efficient over time.

Husqvarna robot lawn mowers delivered all over Ireland.